Ethnicity Pay Gap

Along with our ND analysis, we also measure our representation across both gender and race, as it is important that we are reflective of our whole community.

The #EthnicityPayGap Campaign was established in 2018, with the main aim of spreading awareness of the issues relating to the Ethnicity Pay Gap. The aim is to show the difference in the average pay of staff members from ethnic minority backgrounds, in comparison to other staff members. Generally, those from ethnic minority backgrounds are earning less in the workplace and hold fewer senior positions.

Though arguments have been made to make it law, ethnicity pay gap reporting remains voluntary.

For the past three years, on Ethnicity Pay Gap day, we have reviewed and reported on the progress we have made as an organisation, and we are pleased to be able to share that we have continued to make improvements this year and will continue to hold ourselves accountable moving forward.

Across the company, there is ethnic minority representation at all levels, including:

  • Directors
  • Department leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Employees
Gradient text box with text reading 'Ethnicity Pay Gap Review: Key points'. 

Four boxes with an image in a circle attached to each. 

Grey box has an image of 5 upwards arrows in height order. Text reads 'We have minority ethnic representation at every level of the company.'

Yellow has an image of a ladder going up into a cloudy blue sky. Text reads 'We are committed to promoting from within'.

Lavender has an image multicoloured balls stacks on platforms. Text reads 'Our over all employee split is 60% white and 40% ethnic minority.'

Teal box has an image of figures cut out of brown, white, yellow and light blue paper against a white background. Text reads 'Across three groups, our minority ethnic employees are paid more than their white counterparts. In two groups, the salary averages are close- within 8%'

At Genius Within, inclusion in all forms is incredibly important to us. Our CEO Jacqui Wallis commented on our 2023 Ethnicity Pay Gap review and report, “We remain committed to fair pay for all and will continue to monitor and evaluate our pay structures to ensure that we remain alert to any unconscious bias within our employee community.”