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Posted 08 Jan 2024

Book Launch Celebration for Nancy and Almuth’s new Coaching Book

This Friday team Genius gathered in London to support the book launch of our Founder and CSO Dr Nancy Doyle, and her academic best buddy Professor Almuth McDowall. Both authors are neurodivergent themselves and have been researching and writing on the subject of neurodiversity coaching for many years. Having decided it was finally time to put all of their wisdom into a book we we were excited to hear what they had to say.

During the launch Dr Doyle spoke about the need for good quality workplace coaching with the goal of the book being to help improve quality and minimise harm. She discussed her experiences in the disability inclusion sector saying that twenty years ago she had to kick people’s doors down to get them to talk about neurodiversity and but now people are listening and open to the idea that neurodiversity brings strengths.

Professor McDowall gave some examples of techniques that work well and how she applies them in her own working life. She emphasised the importance of psychological safety and how to model that for others. We also got to see an interview with her neurodivergent nephew Jensen who stole the show somewhat!

After a short fidget break for the neurodiverse audience we were then treated to a panel discussion with Gunjan, Naomi and Tamsin who spoke from personal experience about being a coach and also being a coachee. It was a lovely example of how transformative coaching can be when done well.

In summary we are delighted that this book is now out there available for purchase and hope that it will contribute to an increase in quality coaching for neurodivergent people.