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Stephanie Benfield Coach

Stephanie Benfield

Stephanie is an ICF-accredited coach with dyspraxia, specialising in supporting introverts, creatives and quietly ambitious individuals to achieve their goals, increase confidence and gain clarity when unsure of the next steps.
Her coaching style is holistic, going deep into mindset, exploring her clients environment and looking at what they are telling themselves, but also practical coaching to get from here to where they want to be in the most effective way. As well as goal setting and planning, she will also put in place the accountability methods that motivate her clients.
Stephanie is an experienced project manager, team leader and business owner and work with clients to overcome challenges such as time management, prioritisation and organisation, burnout, team dynamics, increasing confidence, decision-making, being a quiet leader and mapping career goals.

Stephanie’s professional experience includes Prince2 Project Management Practitioner, ISO Lead Auditor, NEBOSH Health and Safety Lead and Business Strategist, Copywriter and Marketing Lead.

Stephanie has been an accredited coach for three years, running her own coaching business focused on career development, specialising in introverts and those with neurodifferences.

For over ten years, Stephanie has been coaching, mentoring and developing staff – from recruitment to professional and personal development, ongoing support to increasing efficiency and effectiveness – particularly in the project management field for automotive, pharmaceutical and insurance industries. As an introverted but highly ambitious individual with dyspraxia, Stephanie love to focus on building quiet confidence and supporting other introverts to reach their career goals without changing their personalities.


Member of the International Coaching Federation

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Trained to PCC coach

Accredited as an ACTP and ACCT coach

Relevant CPD: Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health For Children and Young Adults, Autism Awareness, and Level 3 Neurodiversity & Inclusion.

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