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Image of Lynda Freeman smiling, wearing a pink jumper and black glasses.

Lynda Freeman

Lynda is an ILM5 certified coach, mentor, and facilitator and has been an associate coach with Genius Within for over 10 years. During that time, she has worked with hundreds of neurodivergent individuals, helping them to identify their strengths and understand their challenges. Lynda has helped them to create long lasting strategies to support them through their constantly changing, fast paced environments they find themselves in.

Lynda began her working life in finance. Her love for coaching came whilst working in Learning and Development and as a performance coach for First Direct. Coaching in a women’s open prison and in women’s refuges took her in a very different direction but gave her an alternative lens to understanding the complexities and nuances of life.

Whilst working with Genius Within, Lynda discovered she was dyslexic. This helped her make sense of the strengths and challenges she has experienced through her own life and the decisions she’s made. Showing that a diagnosis can happen, even when it’s later in your life.

With over 17 years of coaching experience, Lynda is sought after by neurodivergent employees. Lynda has delivered over 620 coaching sessions with Genius Within, many of which have been to support NHSE trainees.

Lynda works across a range of sectors, including the NHS, finance and technology, public sector bodies, charities, and private businesses. Lynda has supported individuals at all stages in employment, ranging from those actively seeking employment, up to executive board level and C-Suite.


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