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Twittering on about #neurodiversity and #inclusion

I’ve come across this amazing network on twitter called ‘AXSChat’, who promote disability inclusion in the workplace.
Each Tuesday they feature an interviewee and then host a twitter chat at 3pm NYC / 8pm London to debate the issues.
Usually reaches a couple of thousand tweets per week.
It is hosted by the Head of Digital Inclusion for ATOS, Neil Milliken, Antonio Santos Social Media Evangelist for ATOS and Debra Ruh CEO of Ruh Global .

On the 13th June 2017 I am the […]

Awareness Training Testimonial

Awareness Training Testimonial from a Housing Support Charity we recently worked with.



‘I just wanted, again, to extend our thanks for providing the awareness session to the team least week; some of the attendees have given feedback which I thought you might like to hear it:


“I found it interesting, I will be asking schools for more support for young people and Dyslexia as the lady mentioned every school should now have a member of staff trained in this.”


“I thought the training […]

Positive Assessment goes International

At Genius Within we’ve always ensured that our diagnostic assessments highlight strengths, as well as weaknesses.  This is really important, because you cannot be diagnosed with a neurodiverse condition without strengths.

What?  YES.

You cannot be diagnosed with a neurodiverse condition without strengths.

ALL neurodiverse conditions have strengths [see our infographic for more info].

When making a diagnosis, we plot all the different test results on a graphic and look for specific difficulties.  We can’t see difficulties, if there are no strengths!  The […]

Call for Associate Cognitive Assessors

Exciting new opportunity for Psychologists, to join a rapidly growing social enterprise, providing employability services for neurodiverse adults.
At Genius Within CIC we value an positive attitude to empower others over a  previous knowledge of neurodiversity and we are happy to provide training.

The role includes:
Delivery of cognitive assessments for individuals who may be dyslexic, dyspraxic or have ADHD Workplace needs assessment for a wide range of cognitive difficulties

Producing readable, technically accurate and formative assessment results
Accounting for occupational choice, practice placements and […]

Good news from our work in prisons with neurodiverse clients

The following good news story illustrates the benefits of our specialist prison case managers who understand the struggle and communication limits of neurodiverse individuals, and how to extract an awareness of strengths from those who believe they are worthless.  In our wonderful Case Manager, Sarah Young’s own words:

NOMS CFO3: HMP Portland

November 2015

Good news!  Mr M.

Mr M is 20 years old. He was in care for most of his childhood and experienced  a lot of trauma in his life. Amongst other things […]

The Open Office Layout (removing the barriers for the neurodiverse employee)

It is reasonable to note that neurodiverse employees experience a range of potential barriers in the work environment, with the difficulties appearing to relate to a lack of awareness amongst managers and colleagues.

What often seems unimposing and innocuous to the neurotypical employee can turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing to the neurodiverse employee. Let’s examine 6 potential barriers that we may find in a typical open plan office and look at some strategies we can use to […]