Charlotte Rigden

Charlotte Rigden is a coach in the South West London and Surrey area

I pride myself in being a dynamic, highly professional, experienced coach and educator with proven leadership, management and coaching skills in many educational and organisational environments.   I have an ability to motivate and enhance personal and career development through being goal orientated and have many case studies where this has been effective.     I have been a freelance coach with Genius Within since February 2013 and have experience of working with a variety of neuro-diverse conditions including but not limited to, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism.

Client testimonials:    We built a great relationship very quickly,  and Charlotte was very sympathetic and understanding of the issues I was having.  I felt like I could say anything to her without any form of judgement, which helped me get the most from my coaching.     Poppy Hare, works in marketing consultancy

Charlotte’s coaching has had a huge impact on my work life- I recently won the (employer’s) award based on nominations from my peers who feel I’ve really gone the extra mile this year in my job, something I would have been unable to do without Charlotte’s help.  M.McC., works in Higher Education