Brendan Dobrowolny

Brendan is a Coach working in the South West and South Wales.

Brendan’s experience ranges from 20 years’ experience developing people within the healthcare industry, to a personal business of coaching young children and adolescents.

His curiosity about how people’s minds work developed through NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and positive psychology. His interests led him into using coaching and therapy to support children with dyslexia, specifically in their abilities and thought processes.  His role as an associate with Genius Within has enriched his curiosity about neuro-differences and he delights in the enthusiasm of his adult clients, when they understand the strengths of their neuro-diverse minds.

Client testimonials:

I found the sessions very helpful and I use the techniques on a daily basis.  Brendan was very insightful and able to tailor his sessions to meet my requirements and change my preconceived ideas.   Simon Carter, works in banking

Brendan was very helpful, polite, informative and positive.  I learned a lot from our sessions and even found out I had some hidden strengths!  He encouraged me to try harder and want to achieve more for myself.  I was very happy with his coaching and would like to say what a wonderful job he did.  He made me feel comfortable, and I took a lot of information, tips and tricks away from our sessions.  Blake Jones, Civil Servant