Paul Stevenson came for a positive assessment at a crisis point in his life.  After struggling to work for many years, whilst raising a family, Paul wanted to build a career on his strengths.

“Up until the point of my assessment I’d always seen my Tourettes, ADHD, OCD, sensory processing as a big hindrance in my life, my life was chaotic. I have very low self-esteem. After having the assessment and finding out the result, I just really wish that I could have done that when I was a lot younger! It helped me to understand myself and to see what direction I should be going in. And since the assessment, many many doors have opened to me.  But now I carry my diagnosis with pride and my neurodiversity.”

Here this in Paul’s own words by watching his video testimonial….

For a review of Paul’s Genius, which is now ‘upfront’ and not ‘within’, please have a look at his amazing photography…

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