Dear Jason, thank you very much for the brilliant support that I’ve received over the last few months.  I came with a very negative and self-deprecating mindset and thought very much about what I couldn’t do.  I thought that dyspraxia was very limiting and I was quite depressed about the things that I couldn’t do especially with regard to remembering information and self-confidence.

I discovered that my visual memory is actually really good and that even after the space of a couple of months, I can still remember the objects that I was tested on.  It was from then that I started to feel more confident and having learnt about reframing, I was then able to remember things a little better as I wasn’t putting pressure on myself to remember.  I definitely feel more confident now as I understand and celebrate my strengths more and I am able to be more positive about myself and my disability.  I see dyspraxia as a strength now as I know I can see things in a different way.

You’ve been so encouraging and really helped me to understand my strengths and not to put such a big emphasis on my weaknesses.   Thank you very much!

– Samantha Osborne, works in College Education


Our wonderful coach Jason is shown here.

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