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Posted 21 Oct 2022

Susan Scott-Parker and Ethical AI

Introducing Susan Scott-Parker OBE

At Genius Within, we are excited to support Susan Scott-Parker, leading researcher and advocate of ethical AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its intersectionality with the disabled community.

Susan has over 30 years of experience working with businesses in the field of disability and is the founder of business disability international (bdi). Visit the bdi website by using the link here. 

You can read more about the work that Susan has been conducting, and the reasons behind it, in Dr Nancy Doyle’s most recent Forbes blog on our website via the link below.

Artificial Intelligence Is Dangerous For Disabled People At Work: 4 Takeaways For Developers And Buyers

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) developing and the use of such technologies growing, it is fundamental to understand and set a precedent early on. The implementation of AI and its utilisation within business and recruitment can be a concern for those with a disability and those who are struggling to secure employment. So we asked our Founder and Chief Research Officer, Dr Nancy Doyle, and our Chief Information Officer, Magnus Hedemark, for their thoughts.  

Dr Nancy Doyle

Technology is neutral, it is neither “good” nor “bad” in and of itself. In the disability community, technology has broadly been a force for good for many years, increasing the modes of communication and liberating those with sensory impairments, muscular-skeletal difficulties and dyslexics by automating literacy, for example. Latest developments aimed at automating human decision making (Artificial Intelligence, or AI) is far more complicated, since human decision making can be both good and bad. The implicit biases of the coders transfer rigidity and exclusion in ways that are opaque and insidious.

Susan’s campaign to uncover the implicit bias of AI is an essential voice at an essential time. We need to absorb this critique quickly, before too much damage is done, and AI becomes too ubiquitous to challenge.

Dr Nancy Doyle
Founder & Chief Research Officer

Magnus Hedemark

With Genius Within seeking opportunities to leverage responsible use of technology for accelerating the pace of neurodiversity inclusion, it’s imperative on us to build upon a strong foundation.

We know that tools are not good or evil, but negligence in their design and deployment can result in unintended harm. While technology allows us to scale our good work, if we’re not careful it can also scale systemic exclusion unintentionally. I’m excited to partner with business disability international (bdi) to help guide our ship through these perilous waters.

Magnus Hedemark
Chief Information Officer

We are proud to support the important work that Susan and the business disability international team are doing, and we would love to hear the thoughts of our community on this topic.

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