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Tanya Banfield

Head of Occupational Delivery - Coaching & Training

Tanya has a background as a secondary school teacher, working with disaffected pupils. This inspired her to work in criminal justice and psychology focusing on what happens to young people that don’t have access to interventions at school. Tanya trained as a chartered forensic psychotherapist and is now in her final year on a professional doctorate program specialising in forensic psychology.

Tanya has a high success rate with neurodiverse offenders and won the ‘Advisor of the year’ ERSA award in 2018. She is a strong advocate in empowering autistic people and speaks regularly in forums and training events.

My expertise:

Tanya has completed her 4 year research at HMP Dartmoor where she ran the support change programme.  This identified that one in four prisoners had autistic traits and were not aware of it. The support change programme was successful in increasing coping and resilience by 23% on average.  The result of this is that offenders engaging with Genius Within are not reoffending and are securing and sustaining employment, sometimes for the first time in their lives. We are now committed to bringing this programme of change into probation and community settings.

My inner genius is…

…super focus and with this a super problem solver.

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