Celebrating Neurodiversity

It’s time!

In the past decade there’s been massive changes in the neurodiversity field and it’s time to celebrate individuals, organizations and allies who are changing the game for us all.

Steve Silberman, author of ‘Neurotribes’ is coming to Genius Within to support a group debate and ’emergent knowledge’ event.

We’ve noticed:

A change in language, from ‘deficit’ based medical model to ‘diversity’ based socio-evolutionary model.  Judy Singer, who coined the original phrase “neurodiversity” will be respectfully debating with us the emerging narrative and listening to different views from the community.

An increase in ‘compliance based inclusion’ and development of ‘systemic inclusion’ aspirations.  Dr Nancy Doyle will be discussing what we know so far about “what works”, discussing the principles of evidence-based practice and cost-benefit of inclusion for businesses, institutions and individuals.

The worldwide appreciation of neurodiverse talents, which has been admirably led by autism advocates and the dyslexic talent agenda, is not limited to one or two conditions. Prof. Amanda Kirby will be presenting, bringing her immense knowledge on overlap, and how we can make sure ADHD, Dyspraxia (DCD) and Tourette Syndrome can be looped into this narrative.


Also planned are workshops on good coaching practice, ideas forums using the World Cafe / Fishbowl method and demonstrations of assistive technology.

We will spend time considering the current issues of employment exclusion and how we can join forces to address this.

This is a community event, we’re running it to raise money for Tourettes charities and we want our neurodiversity colleagues to join in!

If you can’t come in person, join our twitter chat from 12pm EST thru 1pm EST where we summarize our learnings from the day and share the visual and narrative summaries of the emergent knowledge! @geniuswithincic @nancydoylepsych

Please get in touch if you want to engage around sponsorship and exhibitions: info@geniuswithin.org

If you’d like to nominate for an award, please email a 500 word summary, with the person/company’s permission and contact details, to info@geniuswithin.org

If you’d like to buy a ticket, you can do so here.  More information click here.



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