#TheEmployables – introducing Jaleesa!

Working was Jaleesa was amazing fun, her heart is so big and her brain so zippy with ideas.  Jaleesa is a warrior, a social justice campaigner and best of all, her power comes from love.  Watching the show this week, you’ll see that heart.  Jaleesa takes a work trial and, honestly, I wish I should show the footage to every young person I have ever worked with.  She naturally builds rapport with everyone she meets, and her natural talents for communication shine through with the kids.  She handles their questions around her tics and explains it really well – matter-of-fact, no drama – that’s hard to do.  But by moving through and past any self-consciousness she may have had about her Tourettes she puts everyone else at ease as well.  And that leaves room for the actual work with the kids to become the focus.  She’s naturally cool and engaging, they see that straight away.

And also, kudos to the employer.  Work trials are excellent for people with neurodiversity, because they can feel less pressured than an interview and, most importantly, they are more relevant!  We’ve seen this a lot on the show so far, Matt and Nathan in episode 3, Ariel in episode 2 – when they actually do the job they were born to do, no one can turn them down!  This is much more reliable than interviewing, which is a contrived situation and not representative of most day to day jobs.

I do caution though – don’t work for free and don’t ask people to work for free.  If you are developing a new skill, you can think of it as free training, but this has a limit. Work Trials should be a few hours and, if they are more than that, reimburse costs as a minimum.  If over a few days, you should be paid.  If you are showing what you can already do, you should be paid.

So Jaleesa is still doing great, if you thought she was a wonderful role model on the show you should see her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFEoW9T2FtjH0PS49pbuwsw

Watch out world, here she comes!


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