Marathon Completed

Hello everyone and thanks for your support.

With my ITB injury from January and not having run further than 10 miles since then, it was never going to be easy.

I started off at a steady 10 min mile pace, which is 1.5 mins slower than my standard half marathon pace so I hoped it would be restful. It was certainly that and the heat didn’t bother me, the day was fine.

At 13 miles the ITB started to go on both sides. ITB is a tendon that runs from the hip to the knee. It is a notorious marathon killer because it is very strong (apparently it would bear the weight of a car) but when it stiffens it rubs on the bones and pulls them to the side.

My hips stiffened up and I took some paracetamol. I started stopping to stretch regularly and got a massage from the lovely St John’s Ambulance people who were literally amazing.

At 18 miles I realized that my hamstrings and calves were over compensating for the ITB and got nervous that if I had a tear there I would be out completely. Given my lack of training it was a real risk.

So I walked the last 8 miles.

That saved the muscles but unfortunately ITBs find walking as bad as running and by mile 21 walking was as painful as running had been. I listened to amusing podcasts and the music from Hamilton and literally counted down every minute.

The last mile I walked pinching the tops of my thighs to try and keep the ITB away from the bone. My first 13 miles was just over 2 hours, my last 13 was 4 hours. My last 2k took as long as the 5k preceding it. My lowest point was being overtaken by a man running with an ironing board and an iron at mile 24.

Why didn’t I stop?

I am very stubborn.

I also really wanted to finish to honor the faith that everyone had put in me and the money we raised.

I can’t walk today but I will heal.

Tourettes is heart breaking. Ryan from Employable Me broke his elbow on a car window during a tic attack. Even those with mild level TS regularly suffer pain from repeated motor tics (RSI)

Out of all the conditions Genius Within supports, TS is the least researched, the least supported, the most ridiculed yet affects nearly the same number as autism.

THANK you Team Genius your support kept me going and if anyone is still able to donate the site is still open for a few weeks.

Much love to all and Happy Monday.


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