London Marathon Progress – EEK!

So people keep asking me, how’s the training going?  The answer – terrible.  I’ve had Illiotal Band (thigh tendon)  issues since early Feb, precisely 2 weeks after my last chance to transfer my place to another runner.  I’ve had 3 physio visits, 3 osteopath visits and an acupuncture session.  It’s not critical, but it is difficult.  I can still run, but not far or fast without tightening.

If I wasn’t running for Charity, I wouldn’t be running.

But on 22nd April, I will be on the start line and I will complete, even if I have to walk from mile 5.

Why?  Because I really believe in my cause.  On this, which is Autism Awareness Week, I am reminded that Tourette Syndrome affects as many people, but has around 1% of the research funding.  Like Autism, there’s a spectrum, some people may have TS without you knowing, but those subtle tics and small vocalisations are the tip of the iceberg – underneath there’s a host of mental and physical energy going into suppressing and masking -just like high functioning autism.  And, like autism there’s people who you can’t miss, who have severe tics.  And a million different shades of individual symptoms in between. Just like autism.

So why no funding for research?  Why less public awareness?  Why is Tourette’s not fashionable?

Every step I take, every mile I run, no matter how tight, tender or downright sore my leg is, it’s only 4-7 hours.

My friends with Tourettes face  a marathon every day, not knowing how their race is going to be run, if they are going to suffer or fly.  We need research money to help learn how to handle and predict TS symptoms.

The £5000 direct donation and the £1300 in the Just Giving Account is holding me steadfast – I WILL complete the distance, even if I have to crawl!

The more money in there, the more my determination kicks in, so please, at this late stage, help me persevere so that we can support this amazing charity and our amazing friends, colleagues and neighbors who face a daily struggle that pales my thigh tendon into insignificance.

Now’s the time – please spur me on with a donation today.


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