Inclusive interviewing

When setting up for interview, remember disability inclusion.
You don’t need to know what conditions people may have, you can just upfront offer a list of possible accommodations.
By instead offering a tick box of solutions, you are showing your commitment to inclusion and reassuring people that your enquiry is genuine.
For example, you could write:
If you have a disability or conditions that affects you at work or at interview, you might find the following adjustments work for you:
1. A discussion in advance with one of our team about the interview structure, who is going to be there and what the room layout will look like (useful for mental health and neurodiversity)
2. A discussion in advance with one of our team about access arrangements to the building, which entry points are accessible, where bathrooms are located etc (useful for physical mobility, sensory impairment and some hidden conditions like MS)
3. Assistive technology compatible preparation materials (useful for sensory impairment, dyslexia and dyspraxia)
The most important inclusion tip for interviews however is always, how relevant are they to the job?  If you are hiring for data entry, do interpersonal skills matter?  Surely a work sample test to assess error rates and speed is the most effective?
Many people with neurodifferent conditions find interviews excruciating, they don’t perform at their best and spend so long fretting about it that you are unlikely to get a true picture of their capacity.  You may be missing out on the person with the best task-related ability, simply because they don’t have the gift of the gab.  
I on the other hand have nailed every single interview I’ve ever sat for, because I DO have the gift of the gab, and yet I can be a complete pain the neck to work with! – Nancy 😉
Contact us to think more about inclusive interviewing….

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