Genius Within – why employers need to be watching #TheEmployables

The talent advantages of neurodiversity are increasingly discussed in the business press (Harvard Business Review, Forbes) and the narrative expressed in popular media (The Employables, A&E).

The argument is compelling – specialist thinkers that may be thwarted in their careers, lacking in productivity due to differences in sensory perception, attentional regulation but who could be superstars if only we could ‘release’ their Genius.

So how do we clear the decks?  At Genius Within we’ve been doing this for years and we can help. 

A company audit and advice on the smallest changes with the most leverage could transform your retention, productivity and well-being.

As we know, the most expensive direct costs of human resources are turnover and poor retention, the loss of productivity is an indirect cost.

Invisible disability can affect around 25% of the workforce when we also include acquired brain injury, mental health and chronic conditions.  Many employees do not disclose, but by making the workplace neurodiversity-friendly we can reduce costs for a wide range of difficulties.

Our research[1] has shown that supervisors and employees report a 43% improvement in productivity with a small amount of intervention, which also increases employee engagement and perceptions of organizational support.  95% of employees are still with their employer 1 year later and 24% are promoted after individual-level interventions.

That 24% are your neurodiverse talent pool, able to succeed when we’ve addressed the systemic barriers.

It’s not about pity, or helping, it’s about making the most of your workforce and driving ambition from untapped sources.

What are you waiting for?

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[1] Combined averages of 2 samples 2014 and 2018, n 257 employees, 107 supervisors.  Sample 1 published by Doyle and McDowall (2015)


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