#EmployableMe – why can’t we provide this support to everyone?

We are trying our  best!  Genius Within is a small but rapidly growing Community Interest Company (CIC).  A CIC is kind of halfway between a charity and a private company.  It means that we make a profit, but are committed to reinvesting 65% of it back into services.  Last year we chose to spend our profits on paying the award-winning Headteacher, Kit Messenger, to research the development of services for children, launched as Blooming Genius.  We hope to prevent the hopelessness experienced by school leavers who don’t know where they fit in to the modern workplace.

The Genius Within team of psychologists and coaches have been delivering work to support people with disabilities who are socially excluded and incarcerated since 2014.  Nancy herself has worked with people who are long term unemployed since 2003 and with disabilities since 1994.  It is close to our hearts and an integral part of our company identity.

We have campaigned, marketed and influenced the Department for Work and Pensions and employability sector as hard as we can.  We have worked with the British Psychological Society to promote good practice and influence employers and policy in various positions papers and reports.  Employable Me was a massive step forward in building awareness and showing how effective support services  can be. We know that what you’ve seen on Employable Me is needed and it is summarized as follows:

  • Positive Assessments that draw on skills, talents, competencies to provide proper, practical career guidance
  • Peer coaching forums to reduce feelings of isolation and social exclusion
  • Ongoing professional coaching to sustain and maintain success in the face of adversity and discrimination

We shall not rest.  We are committed to equality of opportunity and frustrated by the waste of human potential; this is our collective lives’ work.


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