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Rarely do I meet someone with as much energy as me!  Angela is a ball of enthusiasm and passion, she feel deeply, cares deeply and brings her whole self to her work.  When we did the assessment I was bowled over by her capacity and saddened by how little she valued her own ability.  My intention with a positive assessment is to spark a flame of hope, to provide a ‘reframe’ on ability.

But the work doesn’t end there.  It’s very hard to maintain momentum on one pivotal assessment when you’re whole life has been peppered with barrier after barrier.  I think that Angela has a very rewarding career in front of her in social, helping professions.  I tried to talk her into a Psych degree – I would hire her in an instant!  Her episode was really thought provoking – how do you go from the client to the helper in such a short space of time?  Yet there she is nailing it because she instinctively builds rapport and seeks authentic connection.

When a neurodiverse employee starts their job, it’s really important to remember that they might have ‘post traumatic unemployment’ hang ups.  You might find at first that extra reassurance is required, space and time to reflect and give positive feedback.  Don’t judge them on their anxiety and self-consciousness – let the anxiety settle and then reap the rewards of loyalty that come from being the one who gave them their chance.

People with disabilities world wide have lower rates of turnover and absence.  We appreciate being in an organization that takes us for who we are and facilitates us to reach our potential.  We won’t throw that away lightly.

Thank you for sharing Angela, I hope that the world takes a step closer to systemic inclusion through watching your story.

  1. Teri Christian 1 year ago

    Angela, so excited for you! Loved watching you, you remind me of Emma Stone…. hope good things continue to happen for you!!

  2. David KRULICKI 1 year ago

    I am so impressed with her! Angela is absolutely amazing in so many ways. When I first watched the episode I felt very connected to her instantly, quite enamored! I wish there was a way to correspond with her to cheer her on with support and friendship. Amazing woman! She is very strong and has an incredible sense of humor. If there is a way to get in contact I would be so appreciative. Thanks for the great work as always!

  3. Janet Keefe 1 year ago

    Angela would be a great stand up comedian. She is so funny, witty, and lovable.

  4. richmond lester 1 year ago

    So thankful for those who work with others to help them enjoy life.I work with developmentally disabled in Ohio in a group and individual settings. Angela you are fabulous ,the joy you gave me from just watching you deal with your touretts was incredible.I can only imagine the joy you bring those close to you they are so fortunate to be with you,don’t change to much,you are a blessing just as you are !

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