Shaw Trust Power List – The boss is in the top 10!

Working for someone with ADHD can be exhausting, exciting, and inspirational.

Working for Nancy Doyle on the good ship Genius is all of those things. Usually 20 times each before breakfast, and I love it.

Tonight I am delighted to see she has been recognized on the Shaw Trust Power 100 List as one of the top 10 influential disabled people, and share in her devastation that she is too tired to attend the ceremony.

But that’s life with a neurodiverse condition – sometimes you have to be able to say no, and take care of yourself, no matter how much you want to go, how delighted you are, the energy is just all used up for the day.

I respect her decision and it serves as a perfect example of the roller coaster nature of neurodiversity – even with all the strategies in the world, even with love, support, intelligence and courage some things are just going to fall on the wrong day and be too much too handle.

Nancy has been working her socks off for the past 8 years with Genius Within. She puts her heart and soul into making the world a less overwhelming place for all the people like me, who thought we were mad or bad, until with her help, we discovered our inner strengths and genius.

You may not have made the ceremony tonight Nancy, but we celebrate you fully (virtually) and hope you get some rest.


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