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Starbucks dyslexia discrimination – what might have worked better?

The story about Starbucks being found guilty of disability discrimination has been in the news recently (click here).

We work with lots of employees and organisations are struggling with dyslexia – the role isn’t working out and no one knows what to do!  Avoiding a tribunal is the most important outcome and finding a way forward is possible.

I asked our Director of Coaching, Cheryl Winter, what she would have recommended to Starbucks if we had been involved.  Cheryl suggested that we […]

Summary of the reasonable adjustment survey results

Further to my post with the full raw data on the reasonable adjustment survey, please see below a table showing the most prevalent adjustments, as well as the different categories of adjustment and how common these are on average.

I’m noting the difference between formal (paid for) and informal (work flow/social/environmental) adjustments.

The categories of adjustments

Employer supportive action

Organisational Assistance

Environmental flexibility

Social Support

Workload flexibility and task discrimination

Assistive Technology

Training and induction adjustments

Coaching support

The full item list in order of most to least prevalent.

Are you able […]

How common are reasonable adjustments for people with dyslexia?

Earlier this year I undertook a survey, to which 214 people responded, to investigate how common reasonable adjustments are for adults with dyslexia, in the workplace.

I was particularly interested in the number of people receiving formal adjustments, such as technology and coaching, and those receiving informal adjustments, such as flexibility in learning new tasks or ability to chose  flexitime.  It is of interest how many formal adjustments exist in relation to services such as Access to Work.  Informal adjustments show […]