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What is Clean Language?

What is Clean Language?

by Tamsin Hartley,  Genius Within Coach


Clean Language is a simple, powerful and respectful way of communicating, and of facilitating change.  At its heart lies a set of questions that help to keep the assumptions, suggestions and interpretations of the questioner out of the way.  This leaves the person answering the questions free to do their own thinking about their situation.


Clean questions can be used to focus on the metaphors that people use to express themselves.  When this […]

What’s working well in coaching:Reading

Reading for Speed and Retention

1) Make the environment more diversity friendly. Ask yourself what needs to happen for my focus and attention to be better and download information into memory? Do you need a quiet space, headphones or music? Does your phone and email need to be off?

2) How do I make the document friendlier? You can change the font, size and colour (i.e. Tahoma 12 in leaf green,) use reading/screen filters and change the spacing to 1.5 […]

Associate Coaching Roles at Genius Within

Hi everyone

We are looking for Associate Coaches to join us in the following areas:

Birmingham, North West Yorkshire, Scotland – East ideally, North Devon – Bideford/Bude ideally.

Ideally you will already be a coach or psychologist working with adults, however, we do have opportunities to take on new coaches who would like to train up with us.

Please contact Cheryl Winter, Head of Coaching at cherylwinter@geniuswithin.co.uk  or call her on 07980 423 431 for a brief chat.

Client success story from Chris

It is a pleasure to share with you one of my own client’s coaching experience.

M had an assessment with Nancy, our company owner and Chartered Occupational Psychologist. This identified that she has severe dyspraxia. M then got in touch with Access to Work. Her assessor suggested Claro Read for her (to help with reading and proofreading of her written work), some reading filters and 6×2 hour sessions with me.

M is an outreach programme manager, managing women’s outreach projects with workers […]

What’s working well in coaching: using the spoken voice

Dyslexia and the spoken voice

Many of the educational and workplace solutions to help with Neuro diversity,are based on the spoken voice. For example, you would use your voice to dictate a document with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (as I’m doing right now) and then proof read the same document with a program like Text Help.

So, why is using the spoken voice very important for individuals with dyslexia?

With dyslexia, it is more difficult to make direct connections […]

Bench Marking and Standards for Strategy Coaching

Strategy Coaching is a frequent reasonable adjustment brought in by employers to support people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D, ASD and other types of neuro-differences.  Research published by the British Psychological Society in 2013[1] demonstrated how often the following topics were requested by clients and managers:


This reflected what we at Genius Within had suspected for a while – that professional skills can be more important than literacy.  We decided to take a review […]

Reducing distractions and improving focus

What’s working well in coaching: Improving focus

Our clients commonly find that they have difficulty focusing, which means that they may procrastinate and be less likely to look after themselves by taking a break. In our coaching, we will talk about 360° of distraction and explore strategies for improving focus and attention.

People with Neuro diverse conditions (like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Disorder) find it hard to filter out the irrelevant information surrounding them, meaning that they become easily distracted and […]

Tips from Coaching: Unlock your reading Genius with simple technology

Many of the clients I work with (especially the dyslexic geniuses) find that they skip words or lines when they read text on the screen. You may find that you are doing this now. This usually results in missing information, which means you may need to re read the document, perhaps several times, to understand it.

One of my genius clients explained that she can read easier from an iPhone app, even if nervous. It scrolls […]

Matter over mind: feeding your brain

As a Psychologist, I’ve spent many years studying the brain.  One thing that’s always struck me, is how dependent the brain is on what we feed it.  Hormones, glucose, exercise, vitamins, minerals; all these things are vital to brain function.  It’s not just a case of mind over matter. The other thing I’ve noticed is the how we commonly mistake things that are happening in our brain as being caused by the brain only.

Many of us look for psychological reasons […]

What works well in dyslexia & dyspraxia coaching: Focus

A common thing that the people I work with find to be difficult is focusing on the task which they are doing.

I teach them a strategy, which is based upon, the ‘Pomodore’ time management method and is tailor made for each person.

Focused Genius

How do you feel? Are you feeling the best you can be ? Did you have breakfast and get ready for the day? Being in the best state of well being not only feels fabulous, it means there […]