If you are a supervisor….

Managing neurodiversity in the workplace can be very difficult.  The background of the ADA and your legal obligations have to be balanced with ensuring that people in post can perform the role expected of them.

But there is good news!  Employees with neurodiversity have talents and abilities that can be incredibly productive in teams and companies.  We can interrupt poor performance cycles and redirect employees to play to their strengths.

Our comprehensive, Psychological assessments can help you to clarify:

  1. Whether a neurodiverse condition is present, and covered under the ADA
  2. What the strengths and weaknesses of the individual are, and how these impact on work performance
  3. What kind of adjustments would be reasonable, given the individual abilities and the role

We can also provide a ‘1-stop shop’ for accommodations, through our coaching programmes and our links with technology suppliers.

See our full list of services here.

You can use our services after an Access to Work assessment, no matter who was recommended.

We also provide sole supplier rates for corporate customers.

See our FAQs for more information on the services we offer, or have any questions at all, just call us!  Our office team are very friendly, know the process and give GREAT advice.  Contact us on info@geniuswithin.org