Higher Education Support

University can be a testing time for neurodiverse students.  Those who have outstanding peaks on their ‘spiky profiles’ might have found High School a breeze, but all of a sudden, the troughs are starting to bite.

Genius Within provides cognitive assessments and workshops for Higher Education students.

We deliver our Positive Assessment diagnostic process and ensure that the student understands their abilities, and how they relate to their course of study and eventual career.  We focus on what the student can do themselves, to improve their results and maximise their potential, as well as providing advice on adjustments.

Our attention from the get-go is on transition from education to work.

Our Memory Genius workshops are particularly useful for HE students, who need to learn to rely on their own, internal and self-developed memory strategies as they become independent learners and move into the workplace.

For more information, call our friendly office team on 802 291 3526 or contact info@geniuswithin.org