If you are an employee….

If you think your neurodiversity is holding you back at work, your employer is obliged, under the ADA 1990, to make workplace accommodations.  You can seek support from a line manager or HR, or you can contact Access to Work.  The workplace accommodations might be:

  • Changes to your workspace, where you sit, the equipment available.
  • Technology to improve the speed and accuracy of written work (software that types for you, for example).
  • Coaching to help you develop strategies to improve performance around memory, for example.
  • Training for your company to develop more inclusive practice.

Our services are mainly coaching and training based, but we work with some excellent suppliers of technology and can access those services for you if required.  See our full list of services here.

If you are unsure how to go about this, or have any questions at all, just call us!

Our office team are very friendly, know the process and give GREAT advice.  Please contact our team on info@geniuswithin.org