Genius Within has been a fantastic resource for recognising and supporting employees with neurodiversity in the workplace.   We see increasing numbers of staff referred into Occupational Health with learning difficulties as workplaces change, being able to signpost staff onto the appropriate support services and see the incredible differences in both their confidence and productivity in the workplace is truly rewarding.  Genius Within has recognised and filled a growing gap and every occupational health service should be aware of the value they add and the range of services they offer.

Pippa Crouch, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager


These 6 sessions and intervening weeks have really turned my life around; I can’t thank you enough for all your clear guidance, excellent store of hints and tips, and for listening to me as me with an understanding that, in the work place, I’ve probably never experienced before. I feel like I have the tools and the inspiration to move on up and fully explore and use my neuro diverse skills to the max as a result. I also found the options of drawing and expressing myself in playdough a refreshing change and in the case of the drawing, it added a valuable form of expression that communicated ideas and feelings that I couldn’t express so well in words at the early stages. You were so easy to talk to though and built such a good, safe environment to work in that expression wasn’t an issue beyond the first week or two. Brilliant, thank you!



Awareness Training: Just wanted to say how good the session was yesterday. I learned a lot from this and am sure it will give me a strong platform for leading and coaching staff affected by this in the future. The trainer, Sonya, was extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend every line manager/coach/mentor attend these sessions if they can.

Dan Hargie, Manager, Lloyds Bank



Although I was worried about the aspect of coaching sessions at first, I was soon put at ease on meeting Sarah. She is very kind, understanding, reassuring,and is empathetic, she is such an easy person to discuss your problems with. She gave me sound advice and taught me to believe in myself again at a time when my anxiety levels were high and my confidence almost at rock bottom.

BA, works in banking



Amazing coaching from Chris, put me at my ease, very flexible with sessions at a difficult time for me.  A Godsend for me, and yes, you can quote me!

A.D., self-employed businesswoman



Cognitive Assessments:      Genius Within are extremely professional and provide a bespoke onsite diagnostic assessment service.  The reports that they produce are clear, easy to read and transferable to education and employment.  I would highly recommend them to other Higher Education institutions.

Daniel Aherne, Disability Service  Manager, St George’s University


I’d like to say to Gill, thank you for taking the time to sit and listen and be able to understand what I was going through without passing judgement.  I have become more aware of what triggers the stress and I am trying to become more confident and manage my health in a more effective way.   I really appreciated the advice and tips given. I feel it’s helped me stay in employment, as well as have the courage to believe in myself and apply for a less stress/higher paid role without thinking I can’t do it or I’m not worth it.

FF, works in insurance


I just want to say I am extremely satisfied with the coaching that Emma has provided to me.  She was a great mentor. I wasn’t aware about dyslexia, except for what people know generally about dyslexia. Emma reassured me about my “condition” (I don’t see it as a condition) and how to overcome the blockers. And I have being using her techniques  that she has taught me with my day to day work.  All of Emma’s tips and methods have been useful.  You have an amazing colleague.   I  was really pleased with my coaching sessions.

T. Rodriguez, works in consultancy


Since my last session with Liz, I’ve been commended and praised by colleagues several times for working so hard and received some employee awards such as the coveted (employer’s) award last February and many ‘thank you’s’  from my managers and colleagues. I am grateful for Liz  and Genius Within, thanks and all the best for  you all in the future, I will definitely recommend  you to others.

R.D., works in finance


When I met Cheryl my coach for the first time, I was impressed by her professionalism and made me welcome. I had several coaching sessions by Cheryl to help and improve my English and quality of constructed professional e-mails.  I have enjoyed every minute of our coaching sessions and learnt a lot.  Cheryl is an interesting and fascinating person to talk to, puts you at ease.  The skills and tools I have in place now have put me on a different level than when I first started.  I believe I am a better person and more confident in writing e-mails than ever before.  Thank you Cheryl for all your advice, support and tips you have provided me.  It has been a pleasure working with you.

D.S., works in banking


I found the sessions very helpful and I use the techniques on a daily basis.  Brendan was very insightful and able to tailor his sessions to meet my requirements and change my preconceived ideas.

Simon Carter, works in banking


I am doing well, really, really well.  What Chris gave me, at a real crunch time, was strategies to cope with the pressures of doing a Masters Degree.  I have just learned I passed with Merit.

Anonymous, works in consultancy


I’m doing very well at blocking out sound.  Tamsin also went through one of my issues – multi-tasking – as I had always struggled learning to drive.  I passed my driving test which was fantastic for me because I thought it was something I could never do.

Megan Hartley, works in finance


It is a really good feeling to be able to cope with things.  The organisation skill strategies are brilliant – every one a winner!

Anonymous, self-employed



Excellent service and reliable support.

M.M., works for social housing association


I got another job to go to within 3 weeks, of my own volition; no-one pushed me!  I have that much confidence now.

J.T., works in Finance


Having someone else explain the issues that you face to your manager is very valuable, as it shows that you aren’t making these issues up, or making excuses, and that it is a genuine problem but it can be helped.

Louise Whitmarsh, bank worker


The sessions helped (the client) to plan and organise her work so that she could remember tasks and prioritise appropriately. It helped her to be assertive about telling colleagues when she needed some time to finish one task before discussing or doing something else. She gained enormously in confidence over the last few months she worked here; she understood her strengths and felt much more positive about her contribution at work.  Thanks so much for your help.

A.D., Line Manager of worker in charity sector


I have been promoted recently, and am really happy at work.  None of it would have been possible without Stuart.

Joanne Sage, social worker



Awareness Training:   Genius Within was extremely easy to interact with and came across in a very professional and helpful manner. On the day the awareness course was delivered in a clear and concise manner which delivered the expectation of the range of participants.

Training Manager, Manufacturing sector



Brendan was very helpful, polite, informative and positive.  I learned a lot from our sessions and even found out I had some hidden strengths!  He encouraged me to try harder and want to achieve more for myself.  I was very happy with his coaching and would like to say what a wonderful job he did.  He made me feel comfortable, and I took a lot of information, tips and tricks away from our sessions.

Blake Jones, Civil Servant



Without wanting to overstate it, the diagnosis of my dyslexia was one of the most significant events in my life and having your support was vital in helping me gain a comprehensive understanding of the condition and how it specifically affects me. It has allowed me to see both the positive and negative aspects of dyslexia and with your support and coaching I have been able to develop many practical strategies and the cognitive awareness to move forward in areas that I never thought possible as my confidence and self esteem continue to grow.

Lee Wilson, Energy Sector



My coach was so professional.  His reports were thoughtful, insightful and very focussed on the problems and their solutions.

Mel Potter, project worker


My coach was lovely, by phone, by email and in person – she asked what I wanted and set the session content around my needs.  I found it very emotional to come to terms with, but what a great result.

Anonymous, works in local government


Line Manager comment:   Robert was amazing and made her change from an under-performer to a strong performer in the workplace team.

Anonymous Line Manager, in insurance company


Charlotte’s coaching has had a huge impact on my work life- I recently won the (employer’s) award based on nominations from my peers who feel I’ve really gone the extra mile this year in my job, something I would have been unable to do without Charlotte’s help.

M.McC., works in Higher Education


The coaching sessions helped me greatly, getting the equipment needed to do the job more easily and helping management to understand the difficulties I had been encountering in the workplace.  Hopefully it will have made them more aware of the possibility of other factors that influence a person’s performance, rather than just evaluating them against targets or their peers.

J.H., works in banking


We built a great relationship very quickly,  and Charlotte was very sympathetic and understanding of the issues I was having.  I felt like I could say anything to her without any form of judgement, which helped me get the most from my coaching.

Poppy Hare, works in marketing consultancy


Every time Charlotte visited, I felt a sense  of relief that I had learned something new, and been helped.   I loved her coaching.  I have just passed my (qualification) and this enabled me to apply for better jobs so have just moved to a new job, a promotion.

A.L., social worker