• Coaching
    • Our coaching programs produce return on investment in the following ways:

      • Improved productivity
      • Reduced staff turnover
      • Preventing Legal Action
      • Job satisfaction
      • Reducing team conflict

      We approach all our coaching clients as individuals, who are also members of a team. It is important to us to communicate with managers.  When we are finished, we like to be sure that the job is being done to an acceptable standard, or that there is a route to move on that everyone is happy about.

      Coaching as a disability accommodation isn’t just ticking a box before moving to performance management.

      Coaching makes tangible, measurable improvements to productivity and performance that make a difference to job security.

      The bottom line:  our coaching costs an average of $1000 plus tax per person.  When you compare that to the cost of replacing an employee, which the has been estimated in Human Resources research at around $5000 per person we think we are awesome value for money!

      Also worth taking into account is the loss of goodwill and team disruption and the potential legal implications.

  • Assessments
    • A workplace needs or cognitive assessment from one of our Psychologists is an investment in identifying the underlying cause of difficulty.

      • A cognitive assessment results in a full profile of strengths and weaknesses and help to understand how to apply these at work.
      • A Workplace needs assessment results in a clear recommendation for accommodations that are reasonable investments for both employee and organisation.

      Unlike many other companies, we provide ongoing feedback, queries and support after the assessment.

      We are thorough, jargon free and job focused. The role concerned will be fully explored as well as general abilities.

      We don’t finish until we are convinced that everyone understands the report and the implications.

      Our rates are $1000 plus tax per assessment, or $1500 plus tax for a combined assessment.  Compared to the cost of recruitment, legal or union disputes, this cost offers a great return on investment.

  • Resources
    • Our combined package of Action Learning Sets and our extensive multi-media learning resources is the most cost effective solution for organisations.

      In groups, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  We can transfer knowledge more effectively, and the added bonus is the discussion between learners and the strategies and tips they will share.

      Our facilitators keep the discussion positive and work centred, but their time is split between 6-12 rather than 1:1.  This offers extremely good return on investment compared to the HR costs involved in managing performance without specialist support.