Jacki Geddes

Jacki Geddes is a Coach based in South West London

I work as an Associate Coach for Genius Within and I have been professionally supporting people in the workplace for over 20 years.   I have personal experience of working in a range of environments at various levels of responsibility; as an hourly paid administrator to director level in a large multinational organisation.  Through academic study and hands on experience I have developed a coaching style which blends personal insight with a […]

Michelle Doll

Michelle is a Coach based on the South Coast.

Michelle has over ten years’ experience of working with neuro-diverse clients, eight years of which have been in the workplace. Michelle has a passion for psychology, language and working with people to discover. Having joined the team at Genius Within over a year ago, the addition of coaching skills has given Michelle more tools to work with people creatively and dynamically. Always learning and looking for new ways of doing things from […]

Lesley Roshier

Lesley Roshier is a workplace coach and a member of our Social Inclusion team, based on the south coast

I am a neurodiversity coach and I also work in social inclusion.  I have a background in working in Health and Social care; with people with chronic addictions, where I mentored and supported my clients in their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and needs.

I coached people in life skills, learning how to make informed choices and how to live at their best, to […]

Charlotte Rigden

Charlotte Rigden is a coach in the South West London and Surrey area

I pride myself in being a dynamic, highly professional, experienced coach and educator with proven leadership, management and coaching skills in many educational and organisational environments.   I have an ability to motivate and enhance personal and career development through being goal orientated and have many case studies where this has been effective.     I have been a freelance coach with Genius Within since February 2013 and have experience […]

Lynn Wade

Lynn Wade is a Coach based on the South Coast

As a coach and assessor for GW, I get to help people work better, and achieve more, with their neuro-diverse strengths and styles.  My 20+ years experience as a successful Corporate manager helps me to help my clients, manage workplace deliverables and communication.

Chris Stribblehill

Chris Stribblehill is a coach based on the Sussex Coast

I primarily deliver Mini Workplace Needs Assessments, awareness training and one-to-one strategy coaching.

I have worked with Genius Within from the very start and I have over eight years’ experience of delivering coaching and training and over a year of delivering Needs Assessments. I’ve been part of shaping the business and have been known to travel around the country to work with clients. I really enjoy doing the work I do, especially […]

Debbie Ingham

Debbie Ingham is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist based in the South of England

As a chartered occupational psychologist I undertake cognitive assessments, coaching and awareness training for Genius Within. I have worked in the area of neuro-diversity for over 5 years and thoroughly enjoy meeting and supporting a wide range of people to allow them to perform at their best at work.

My background is in the professional services and corporate sector in the area of talent management and leadership development, and […]

Sonya Hutchence

Sonya Hutchence is a Coach, Teacher and Assessor based in Sussex

I have officially been a coach for about 3 years and unofficially for about 30, having always been called ‘a good listener’. I have a wealth of experience and a strong desire to help people to develop and reach their potential, having worked successfully in several management and teaching roles over more than 25 years. My focus has always been getting the best from people by helping them to identify […]

Abbie Hunkin

Abbie Hunkin, Associate Coach 

I am a Business Psychologist and coach with a background in leadership, personal and organisational development. During my time as a coach, I have had the privilege of working with the neurodiverse client group. Helping people gain confidence by learning to recognise their strengths and make use of them is inspiring, as are the creative strategies my clients develop to address the difficulties they face at work.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a part of this development […]