Andrew Gallagher

Andrew Gallagher is a Business Psychologist and Assessor working throughout Northern Ireland

I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Assessor, and have been working with people with a disability or health condition in the workplace for 12 years. Over this time, I have worked with a very large number of people and their organisations including those with complex support needs. I undertake a wide range of work related assessments covering a variety of disabilities and very much enjoy working with individuals with neuro-diversity and mental ill […]

Wendy Baker

Wendy Baker is a Coach based in Cheshire

My philosophy is that everybody can achieve their potential no matter how great the challenge may seem to them. My passion is in helping them find their own way of doing!   I bring to my work with clients many years of experience and professional qualifications in teaching, cognitive therapies, NLP and Mindfulness. My special areas of interest lie in Stress Management,  Organisation , Time Management and  Resilience Training.

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan is a Coach working in Lancashire and Cumbria

My best experiences are when a client (metaphorically) who is wearing an uncomfortable jacket:  can unpick it; redesign it; and stitch it – to become  the jacket they enjoying wearing most of the time !  [Or sometimes, they even ditch it.]  The ‘jacket’ might be a behaviour, thoughts or situations which they wish to change. Many of the clients we work with have conditions which have strengths and advantages.  It’s great when a […]

Suzi Sharples

I love the wonderfully different ways that people experience the world, and have done since a small child.

Seeing the world through many coloured lenses helps me to help clients become re-remember that that world can be their oyster, and any bits of grit can turn into pearls of wisdom!

That is my life in Genius Within, and I would not swap it for the world!

Karen Royle

Karen is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Assessor and Coach working across the north of England

Karen is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with many years experience of coaching people with cognitive limitations in the workplace.  She has been working with Genius Within since 2014, delivering both assessments and coaching sessions.  Her main focus has been delivering vocational rehabilitation and in-work support for people with head injury and other neurological conditions.

Sarah Nash

Sarah Nash is a Coach working in the West Midlands

A highly experienced coach, who aims to increase the clients confidence enabling them them to make a real difference in both their working and personal lives. With a solid understanding of management and business priorities, is able to clearly identify key working practices across a wide spectrum of senior management, business and caring professionals. Is able to introduce a range of proven strategies to enhance working patterns and develop the client […]

Clare Cherry

Clare Cherry is based in the West Midlands, working as a Coach, Assessor and in Social Inclusion

Clare is a talented business mentor, coach and trainer. With  25 years of experience working at national, regional, and community levels in the criminal justice and community sectors Clare delivers outcomes effectively in the charity, business and public sectors.  She has a unique skill for bringing the best out of people in a creative and artistic style. She joined Genius Within in 2012 bringing a wealth of experience […]

Gilli Bruce

Gilli Bruce is a coach and training consultant. She has provided training in management and personal development for 20 years and brings this wealth of knowledge into her coaching work.

Gilli loves working one-to-one with Genius Within clients and says “Neurodiversity coaching is my favourite thing to do – it feels really rewarding.”  Gilli currently provides coaching and training in many areas including women’s development, assertiveness skills and effective communication, to name a few.

Gilli enjoys country walking, live music and reading […]

Alison Blackler

Alison is a Coach and Coaching Supervisor working in the North West

I have over 25 years of working alongside so many different and interesting people.  I have vast experience working therapeutically and have a wide range of models and approaches in my tool kits.  I truly enjoy helping people realise that there may be another way to tackle a problem and more often than not this lies within. I enjoy both a coaching and supervisor’s role within Genius Within and […]

Zannie Barrett

Zannie is a Coach and Psychotherapist working in Northern Ireland

I am based in Northern Ireland and absolutely love my work with Genius Within. A psychotherapist by trade, I bring a range and depth of experience from all of my work which enables me to tailor the coaching to each client’s specific requirements. I so enjoy meeting each new person and being able to support them towards where they want to be.