Tanya Weston

Tanya Weston, Social Inclusion Case Manager

My philosophy is that no goal is impossible. It might take 10 steps or many more but we can all get there in the end with the right support and encouragement.   My passion is working with neuro-diverse individuals and finding ways to achieve their full potential.  I bring to my work with clients many years of experience and professional qualifications in teaching and psychology. My special areas of interest lies in Clinical Psychology and Emotional […]

Candy Whittome

Candy Whittome, Social Inclusion Case Manager

Realising your potential’ is an over-used term, but for me it goes to the heart of why I do what I do.  We all have talents, and many of us may not be aware of them, or have not had the encouragement or space to realise them. Unlocking that potential, both to ourselves, and to others, can be a life-changer, and that is what excites me about the work that I do.  I bring to […]

Fran Mosco

Fran Mosco, Social Inclusion Case Manager 

I love the concept that you can harness an individual’s potential by exploring how their brain is uniquely wired, and then work with that to develop their strengths and find creative ways to overcome challenges.  This is particularly rewarding within custody, as Genius Within’s unique approach is often vastly different from anything that has been offered before.  Something that has to be experienced to be believed!  I have previous experience delivering Offending Behaviour Programmes and coaching, but Genius Within […]