Ken Smith

Ken Smith is a Coach working in East Anglia

I’m interested in supporting people to find a richer and more productive sense of their own excellence at work.  Many of my clients have come to me feeling overwhelmed, under-valued and confused, for reasons ranging from the personal to the changes in their organisations that have created new stresses for them.  By listening to and asking them questions from some perhaps unexpected perspectives, they have re-discovered a resourcefulness that they may have […]

Carol Wilkinson

Carol Wilkinson, Associate Coach

I am passionate about coaching and its power to transform how people think about themselves and their approach to all aspects of their lives.

My background is in employment relations, where I worked with a diverse range of people across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

I am a personal and management development coach, facilitator, mediator and trainer, with a special interest in equality and diversity issues. I believe that everyone is unique and so often has untapped or […]

Rachael Ward

Rachael Ward is a coach working throughout the Greater London area

I work as a personal and professional development coach in a range of organisations, supporting key individuals to move towards their goals.  My previous experience is as a senior manager in the voluntary sector, and I am a consultant to a charity supporting people with autism.

Linda Juland

Linda Juland, Associate Coach

I worked for a number of years in the Social Care and Health field, originally as a probation officer and subsequently in the voluntary sector working with people impacted by drugs, alcohol and homelessness.

With over 20 years experience as a manager including being a CEO of a charity, I am experienced in coaching and developing people in the workplace at all levels to reach their potential.

I now work as a neurodiversity coach, mentoring at a senior management level […]

Heidi Eastell

Heidi Eastell, Associate Coach

I thoroughly enjoy coaching clients with neuro-differences. Once we have worked out personal strategies that help overcome any difficulties or challenge’s they may face with their dyslexia etc, it frees up the clients minds to think with clarity, to then be able to focus on their own strengths, which unleashes amazing talents and skills within, which they may have never used or realised they had.

It is very rewarding and beautiful to see the change in people and […]

Ruth Cass

Ruth Cass, Associate Coach

I enjoy working with individuals to look at the impact their condition is having at work. It is inspiring to help them develop sustainable strategies, which use their strengths, to improve their day to day performance.

I love seeing the difference a few changes can make to how people feel and how they perform at work.

I have worked with clients across a range of sectors such as Banking, MOD, NHS, Telecomms and Education which has provided difference experiences […]