The best inclusion is systemic.  We all lose when human potential is squandered.

Our organizational consultants provide easy-to-implement advice on aligning your workplace systems with the skills and needs of your neurodifferent employees.

Simple changes can have great impact on productivity and talent retention.

Our consultants are trained in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and bring a wealth of knowledge about high performing teams, human motivation and the power of employee engagement.

We’ll review your infrastructure to find ways in which you can be systemically inclusive.

This will include a review and recommendation for the following key areas:

  • HR process & policy – recruitment tasks, onboarding & training, appraisal and talent
  • Environmental factors – sensory overwhelm, decompression space, movement
    and flow, flextime
  • Communication strategies – improving feedback mechanisms, creating workable
    flexibility in social ‘rules’ to reduce difficulties, Developing mentoring networks
  • Assistive technology – embedding into systems to improve concentration,
    memory and personal organization. Understanding the role of technology in accessibility – what do you already have that you can use?

Consulting rates depend on the location and skill level required please contact us on for more information or to arrange an informal discussion.


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