What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia literally means ‘difficulties with words’.  However, modern science has discovered that this is a symptom, not a cause.  Dyslexia comes from difficulties in processing and remembering sounds, and difficulties in putting details in order.  This is often balanced by strengths, for example 3D visual thinking and visual or long term memory.

Many of our clients don’t realise that the problems they are having finding work or achieving their best are due to their dyslexia.  Our research shows that the following issues are most common for our clients:

  • Memory (92%)
  • Organisational Skills (82%)
  • Time management (78%)
  • Stress management (67%)
  • Spelling (67%)
  • Reading (54%)

The memory difficulties can cause people to struggle to concentrate in an open plan office, forget verbal instructions and lose track easily in meetings.  Our clients or their managers typically think these problems are due to lack of motivation or being ‘scatty’ – this causes a lot of conflict!

At Genius Within we help you to find targeted solutions and strategies for the dyslexic difficulties in a workplace context.  We also help you identify your dyslexic strengths, the ones you have been taking for granted!  Playing to your strengths can improve your career plans and work performance very quickly…..