What is strategy coaching?

Coaching is about finding practical solutions to difficulties and recognising and playing to strengths. For example, if we discover that memory works best for meaningful events, we will practise ways to associate boring things with meaningful events, to remember them.

Coaching is also about working with stress levels, knowing how to change habits to be in the best state possible and identifying longer term goals to help find motivation.

Through coaching clients are expected to try new things and practise in between sessions. It isn’t always easy but it does work.
Coaching works for a range of difficulties or conditions, such as Anxiety, Depression, Dyslexia, Autistic Spectrum Condition, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis.

All these conditions have an impact on executive functions, which are the parts of our brain responsible for decision making, memory, attention, concentration and more.
These have been shown to be improved through coaching in research.