Does coaching work?

Our  annual reviews* show that our clients find their productivity improves by 70% after just nine hours! Their managers also report a 47% improvement.

The difference between the two is because our clients are rating themselves much lower than their managers to start with – we think this is due to low self confidence, something that we change during coaching.

Our research also shows that 90% of our coaching clients are still in their job 12 months later and in fact 25% have been promoted in that time! Those that have moved on have done so without lengthy Human Resources or legal disputes.

*These data are based on 512 clients and 142 line managers and has been analysed using SPSS v22 in 2016.  The data show significance at the 0.01 level, indicating that the is a 99% chance that the improvement is the result of the intervention and only a 1% chance that future cohorts would not achieve similar results.  For more information, please contact