Sousa Hari

Sousa Hari, Associate Coach

I am a personal performance coach with a special interest in neuro-difference.
My career path has been convoluted but mostly working around neuro-diverse adults.
I also work for a charity that supports LD Adults to live in their local Community
and volunteer as a reading coach for the FRED adults reading scheme in my locality.
My experience includes a huge variety of additional training.
The journey to develop a better understanding of neuro-diversity has taken me into specialist and mainstream schools, colleges, banks, large corporations, Radio stations, day and evening classes, gyms, swimming pools, horse-riding sessions, supermarkets,  offices, cafes, pubs and art galleries – and even a circus classroom.
I believe that neuro-different people do not want or need to be fixed, they want to be accepted, and their skills to be appreciated.