Lesley Roshier

Lesley Roshier is a workplace coach and a member of our Social Inclusion team, based on the south coast

I am a neurodiversity coach and I also work in social inclusion.  I have a background in working in Health and Social care; with people with chronic addictions, where I mentored and supported my clients in their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and needs.

I coached people in life skills, learning how to make informed choices and how to live at their best, to their best ability. I have worked in areas of challenging behaviour.  I have acted as advocate both in these roles and with clients in long-term mental health situations, in such things as legal and health matters.

I have worked with clients in homelessness and housing issues exacerbated by their lack of confidence or abilities related to health and education issues. I have worked in elderly care and have experience in working with the complexities related to age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

I am very driven by fair and equal treatment and rights to all, regardless of race, religion, culture, disability, age, background and gender.  I have a particular interest in enabling and empowering people to their right to work, regardless of any of the above.  I really enjoy coaching as I get the chance to see people blossom in front of my eyes, as they realise their strengths and capabilities over and above their weaknesses.

My absolute favourite thing is Magical Spelling as everyone that I have coached this in, has come away amazed at their new found ability to do something that they have previously struggled with for so long; spelling and the capacity to learn something in their own lovely visual way.

Client Testimonial:   Lesley is an absolute hero to me. She has a fantastic ability to help me better understand my strengths and weakness of my dyslexia, areas to focus on and made every point of discussion relatable and the improvements suggested where very easily achievable.  I had found that one of my biggest problems was a lack of self confidence, for several reasons, and Lesley took great care to break the issues down and point out very simple improvement suggestions, and helped me better understand the areas I believed to be my weakness where actually great strengths if approached a different way.  Making only small adjustments to how I carry out my daily activities, such as thought parking, have had the most drastic affect.  Lesley is incredibly kind and understanding, relatable and approachable and I would love to recommend her to everyone, neuro-diverse or not, they can all learn new ways around issues at work.     Jack Rennison, works in finance