Jonathan Williams

Jonathan is a Coach working in Lancashire and Cumbria

My best experiences are when a client (metaphorically) who is wearing an uncomfortable jacket:  can unpick it; redesign it; and stitch it – to become  the jacket they enjoying wearing most of the time !  [Or sometimes, they even ditch it.]  The ‘jacket’ might be a behaviour, thoughts or situations which they wish to change. Many of the clients we work with have conditions which have strengths and advantages.  It’s great when a client uncovers a strength and can start to make the most of it.

Client testimonial:   Coaching was absolutely fantastic.  Jonathan was really motivating when I wasn’t in a good place emotionally.  So calm, so thorough.  Does he realise how much he helps people?  Absolute star.  I have been promoted since.    E.L., works in financial sector