Chris Stribblehill

Chris Stribblehill is a coach based on the Sussex Coast

I primarily deliver Mini Workplace Needs Assessments, awareness training and one-to-one strategy coaching.

I have worked with Genius Within from the very start and I have over eight years’ experience of delivering coaching and training and over a year of delivering Needs Assessments. I’ve been part of shaping the business and have been known to travel around the country to work with clients. I really enjoy doing the work I do, especially when I get the feedback long after the coaching has completed from the office team. It is a joy to see how much change I have supported clients to create and that this change is sustainable and evidence-based. It is especially a joy to see how much clients who are in particular tricky situations have achieved.

I’m passionate about supporting others with neuro diverse tendencies and other differences; especially as I have developed many strategies to support me in managing my own dyslexia and dyspraxia. I particularly enjoy working with clients to consider how they can introduce technology and/or other strategies to support them in areas such as Concentration, Time Management: Organisation and Stress Management.

Client testimonials:   Amazing coaching from Chris, put me at my ease, very flexible with sessions at a difficult time for me.  A Godsend for me, and yes, you can quote me!     A.D., self-employed businesswoman

I am doing well, really, really well.  What Chris gave me, at a real crunch time, was strategies to cope with the pressures of doing a Masters Degree.  I have just learned I passed with Merit.   Anonymous, works in consultancy