Assistive Technology FAQs

What next?

For more information please contact our team at

Will there be any support after?​

Depending on your technology package, there is often a 12 months technical support included free of charge.

Will this happen before my coaching?​

Most clients choose to have this training before starting their coaching, but this is totally up to you!

Is there any training?​

Yes! Each software package has the option of training. These are usually split over half day sessions depending on the package.

This training will take place at your workplace, with an accredited trainer.

How do I know what software will help me?

Your Human Resources or Occupational Health department may be able to help. They might recommend that you have a Workplace Needs Assessment which will review your needs in context with your main work tasks.


What is assistive technology?

There is a range of hugely beneficial software out there, to support your day to day work.

​They can ​help in many ways such as:

  • ​Reading documents out to y​ou ​- Read and Write Gold or Claro Read
  • Allowing you to dictate instead of write reports etc – Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Helping you plan work with mind maps – MindView
  • Example for Zoomtext
  • Example for Text help

There’s also natural adaptions you can make to current software, such as changing standard font size and background color to reduce glare, or taking photos using your phone to support your memory.

A workplace needs assessment or coaching can help you work out what you need.