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Making the most of Continuous Professional Development

Making the most of Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

by Cheryl Winter, Genius Within Director and Coach


There are a number of things which are certain in life, and change is one of those things. At Genius Within we value our Associates and support them to work with the ever changing needs of our clients by offering CPD events.

Our business is based on the reputation of our coaches and we know CPD is an important part of any coach’s profession.  We offer 4 complimentary events each year where coaches can meet, explore new skills […]

What is Clean Language?

What is Clean Language?

by Tamsin Hartley,  Genius Within Coach


Clean Language is a simple, powerful and respectful way of communicating, and of facilitating change.  At its heart lies a set of questions that help to keep the assumptions, suggestions and interpretations of the questioner out of the way.  This leaves the person answering the questions free to do their own thinking about their situation.


Clean questions can be used to focus on the metaphors that people use to express themselves.  When this […]

What’s working well in coaching: gaining control over the things that make you stressed

I thought I would take a short pause from encouraging you to make the most of your technology, to talk about Stress Management.

Stress can impact on everyone and can be something that can use up a lot of your concentration, especially if you are also gifted with Neuro Diversity i.e. dyslexia or dyspraxia.

The festive season can be a source of stress for people. There’s a lot to do and organise, between social events and Christmas parties and present buying, you […]

What’s working well in coaching: Using your iPad for flexible working

This series is going to be about getting the most out of portable devices. I am going to start with focusing on getting more from your iPad or iPhone.

A good way to make sure you have the latest copy of your documents on all of your devices is to use a cloud storage solution.

Cloud storage means that your documents are securely stored on a remote computer and can be synchronised to any device you connect to your account.  You can […]