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Awareness Training Testimonial

Awareness Training Testimonial from a Housing Support Charity we recently worked with.



‘I just wanted, again, to extend our thanks for providing the awareness session to the team least week; some of the attendees have given feedback which I thought you might like to hear it:


“I found it interesting, I will be asking schools for more support for young people and Dyslexia as the lady mentioned every school should now have a member of staff trained in this.”


“I thought the training […]

In Pursuit of Silence

Adults in the workplace with neurodifference, stress, anxiety or some chronic conditions can often find their working memory is not quite what it used to be, or even not quite what it needs to be to meet their job demands.

A bit of silence now and then can be a powerful resource for the working memory to take a little down time. In a working world of open plan offices, and reducing boundary walls, little consideration is given to those who […]

European Social Fund Outstanding Project of the Year Award Winner

European Social Fund Outstanding Project of the Year Award Winner


We are working towards a future where all adults with Specific Learning Difficulties / Neuro-diversities will be able to maximise their potential and work to their strengths; where those with problems at work or in custody receive the diagnosis, coaching and support that they need.

Through the work we are delivering in HMP Rochester, we have won the award for ‘European Social Fund Oustanding Project of the Year’. This is […]

Client Testimonial – July 2016

During my work with Christoffer, I was a full-time senior lecturer at a UK university, completing my Ph.D., working on a PGCert in Higher educational teaching and working internationally as an artist. My work with Christoffer has been and excellent and rewarding process that has enabled me to work better, more efficiently and most importantly less stressfully.

The work Christoffer and I did, helped me to map out my existing strategies for working, introduce new ones where there were gaps and formalise those strategies into clear […]

Stress related Case Study: ‘27 down to 1’

“What led to the Coaching?”

Jane – coaching client

I have overall 27 symptoms ranging from, panic attacks struggling to walk, anxiety outside

work, no social life, anxious coming to work, not sleeping over weekends, everything an

effort, felt alone, no trust in the management, did not know if work or home was best. I had

confidence issues, the littlest thing would set my anxiety off. My doctors offered me beta

blockers (As the coaching started […]

Employable Me – The Power of Positive Assessment

Employable Me – BBC2

We’re hoping that you caught ‘Employable Me‘, a documentary on BBC2 last Wednesday 23rd. Don’t worry if you missed it….

– Episode 2 is on next week (weds, 9pm).

– You can catch up on the iPlayer (here’s the link)

The programme features neurodiverse adults, with hidden talents, who are not working and can’t get past the interview stages for employment.  Nancy Doyle, our MD and Chartered Occupational Psychologist, works with the individuals to help identify […]

Good news from our work in prisons with neurodiverse clients

The following good news story illustrates the benefits of our specialist prison case managers who understand the struggle and communication limits of neurodiverse individuals, and how to extract an awareness of strengths from those who believe they are worthless.  In our wonderful Case Manager, Sarah Young’s own words:

NOMS CFO3: HMP Portland

November 2015

Good news!  Mr M.

Mr M is 20 years old. He was in care for most of his childhood and experienced  a lot of trauma in his life. Amongst other things […]

What is Clean Language?

What is Clean Language?

by Tamsin Hartley,  Genius Within Coach


Clean Language is a simple, powerful and respectful way of communicating, and of facilitating change.  At its heart lies a set of questions that help to keep the assumptions, suggestions and interpretations of the questioner out of the way.  This leaves the person answering the questions free to do their own thinking about their situation.


Clean questions can be used to focus on the metaphors that people use to express themselves.  When this […]