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Genius Within heads Stateside … changes to the UK team.

Nancy Doyle, our Psychologist founder and Managing Director, sets sail for the distant shores of the USA in September 2016.  Nancy’s family are originally from the US and she plans to raise her children in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Though Nancy is UK trained, she has become an Associate of the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology with the American Psychological Association and will complete her PhD studies from the US.  Nancy will be planning, developing and networking, to develop our services […]

Client Testimonial – July 2016

During my work with Christoffer, I was a full-time senior lecturer at a UK university, completing my Ph.D., working on a PGCert in Higher educational teaching and working internationally as an artist. My work with Christoffer has been and excellent and rewarding process that has enabled me to work better, more efficiently and most importantly less stressfully.

The work Christoffer and I did, helped me to map out my existing strategies for working, introduce new ones where there were gaps and formalise those strategies into clear […]

Stress related Case Study: ‘27 down to 1’

“What led to the Coaching?”

Jane – coaching client

I have overall 27 symptoms ranging from, panic attacks struggling to walk, anxiety outside

work, no social life, anxious coming to work, not sleeping over weekends, everything an

effort, felt alone, no trust in the management, did not know if work or home was best. I had

confidence issues, the littlest thing would set my anxiety off. My doctors offered me beta

blockers (As the coaching started […]

Positive Assessment goes International

At Genius Within we’ve always ensured that our diagnostic assessments highlight strengths, as well as weaknesses.  This is really important, because you cannot be diagnosed with a neurodiverse condition without strengths.

What?  YES.

You cannot be diagnosed with a neurodiverse condition without strengths.

ALL neurodiverse conditions have strengths [see our infographic for more info].

When making a diagnosis, we plot all the different test results on a graphic and look for specific difficulties.  We can’t see difficulties, if there are no strengths!  The […]

Employable Me – The Power of Positive Assessment

Employable Me – BBC2

We’re hoping that you caught ‘Employable Me‘, a documentary on BBC2 last Wednesday 23rd. Don’t worry if you missed it….

– Episode 2 is on next week (weds, 9pm).

– You can catch up on the iPlayer (here’s the link)

The programme features neurodiverse adults, with hidden talents, who are not working and can’t get past the interview stages for employment.  Nancy Doyle, our MD and Chartered Occupational Psychologist, works with the individuals to help identify […]

Call for Associate Cognitive Assessors

Exciting new opportunity for Psychologists, to join a rapidly growing social enterprise, providing employability services for neurodiverse adults.
At Genius Within CIC we value an positive attitude to empower others over a  previous knowledge of neurodiversity and we are happy to provide training.

The role includes:
Delivery of cognitive assessments for individuals who may be dyslexic, dyspraxic or have ADHD Workplace needs assessment for a wide range of cognitive difficulties

Producing readable, technically accurate and formative assessment results
Accounting for occupational choice, practice placements and […]

Genius Within are recruiting!

We’re seeking case managers for social inclusion in Dorset and coaches for our associate network in Leicester and Cardiff.  If you are interested, please follow the instructions below.


Case Study – do workshops work as well as coaching?

At Genius Within we are committed to evidence-based practice.  Since there is so little research in our field, we often do our own and indeed Nancy Doyle our MD is a PhD student at City University, London.  We wanted to find out more following our evaluation of our own coaching programmes, which showed:

1) The types of issues our clients raised in strategy coaching.

2) A large improvement for line managers and coaching clients.

For our follow up study, we teamed up […]

Starbucks dyslexia discrimination – what might have worked better?

The story about Starbucks being found guilty of disability discrimination has been in the news recently (click here).

We work with lots of employees and organisations are struggling with dyslexia – the role isn’t working out and no one knows what to do!  Avoiding a tribunal is the most important outcome and finding a way forward is possible.

I asked our Director of Coaching, Cheryl Winter, what she would have recommended to Starbucks if we had been involved.  Cheryl suggested that we […]

Good news from our work in prisons with neurodiverse clients

The following good news story illustrates the benefits of our specialist prison case managers who understand the struggle and communication limits of neurodiverse individuals, and how to extract an awareness of strengths from those who believe they are worthless.  In our wonderful Case Manager, Sarah Young’s own words:

NOMS CFO3: HMP Portland

November 2015

Good news!  Mr M.

Mr M is 20 years old. He was in care for most of his childhood and experienced  a lot of trauma in his life. Amongst other things […]