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What works well in dyslexia / dyspraxia coaching: the Mobile Phone

Today I would like to share a simple and powerful strategy that continuously supports my clients to be on time and to remember to do things.

The mobile phone

Whether for personal or work use, this small device has the power to help you be organised.

Set reminders for things. Set them as soon as you know that this is something you need to do i.e. booking a GP appointment for Tuesday at 10am – set the reminder as […]

What works well in dyslexia & dyspraxia coaching: Focus

A common thing that the people I work with find to be difficult is focusing on the task which they are doing.

I teach them a strategy, which is based upon, the ‘Pomodore’ time management method and is tailor made for each person.

Focused Genius

How do you feel? Are you feeling the best you can be ? Did you have breakfast and get ready for the day? Being in the best state of well being not only feels fabulous, it means there […]