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Client Testimonial – July 2016

During my work with Christoffer, I was a full-time senior lecturer at a UK university, completing my Ph.D., working on a PGCert in Higher educational teaching and working internationally as an artist. My work with Christoffer has been and excellent and rewarding process that has enabled me to work better, more efficiently and most importantly less stressfully.

The work Christoffer and I did, helped me to map out my existing strategies for working, introduce new ones where there were gaps and formalise those strategies into clear […]

Stress related Case Study: ‘27 down to 1’

“What led to the Coaching?”

Jane – coaching client

I have overall 27 symptoms ranging from, panic attacks struggling to walk, anxiety outside

work, no social life, anxious coming to work, not sleeping over weekends, everything an

effort, felt alone, no trust in the management, did not know if work or home was best. I had

confidence issues, the littlest thing would set my anxiety off. My doctors offered me beta

blockers (As the coaching started […]

Case Study – do workshops work as well as coaching?

At Genius Within we are committed to evidence-based practice.  Since there is so little research in our field, we often do our own and indeed Nancy Doyle our MD is a PhD student at City University, London.  We wanted to find out more following our evaluation of our own coaching programmes, which showed:

1) The types of issues our clients raised in strategy coaching.

2) A large improvement for line managers and coaching clients.

For our follow up study, we teamed up […]

What’s working well in coaching: gaining control over the things that make you stressed

I thought I would take a short pause from encouraging you to make the most of your technology, to talk about Stress Management.

Stress can impact on everyone and can be something that can use up a lot of your concentration, especially if you are also gifted with Neuro Diversity i.e. dyslexia or dyspraxia.

The festive season can be a source of stress for people. There’s a lot to do and organise, between social events and Christmas parties and present buying, you […]

What’s working well in coaching: Using your iPad for flexible working

This series is going to be about getting the most out of portable devices. I am going to start with focusing on getting more from your iPad or iPhone.

A good way to make sure you have the latest copy of your documents on all of your devices is to use a cloud storage solution.

Cloud storage means that your documents are securely stored on a remote computer and can be synchronised to any device you connect to your account.  You can […]

What’s working well in coaching: using the spoken voice

Dyslexia and the spoken voice

Many of the educational and workplace solutions to help with Neuro diversity,are based on the spoken voice. For example, you would use your voice to dictate a document with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (as I’m doing right now) and then proof read the same document with a program like Text Help.

So, why is using the spoken voice very important for individuals with dyslexia?

With dyslexia, it is more difficult to make direct connections […]

Does Strategy Coaching Work? Results of our Research

Dyslexia is a particular cognitive style that results in poor phonological processing, poor phonological working memory, poor sequencing and processing speed (Guest, 2009; Shaywitz et al. 1990’s) but with above average strengths in verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning and mechanical ability (Eide and Eide, 2011; Von Karolyi, 2001 – 2005). There are individual variations but this is a typical profile description.

The choice of topics to […]

Metaphors about time

As Business Manager of Genius Within I know 2 things.

I need to manage my time well.

I have work tasks that need to be done in a timely manner or my boss (Hi Nancy) gets cross.

I have home tasks that need to be done or my family get cross (and go hungry).

I also have me-time tasks or I get cross – not a pretty sight.

Using Metaphors to explore how you perceive time helps to “un-fog” your thinking so you can “clearly […]

Ten top tips for working with Dyslexics

Top Tips for working with people with dyslexia

If you are a dyslexic individual, these tips may be useful to you in discussing your Dyslexia with your manager. These tips are written for managers to support their team members.

1. Giving advance notice of tasks whenever possible. In particular, giving out reading materials well in advance of meetings or training session can avoid embarrassment.

2. Think about the ‘degrees of distraction’ around the person’s workspace, are they in the middle of a room with 360 […]

What works well in Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Coaching: Perfect Planning System

Perfect Planning Genius

Planning and organising your time to achieve things can be a typical challenge for many people, especially if you are a Dyslexic or Dyspraxic individual.
Something that works really well for my clients is when they have the ideal planning system for them. They may well enjoy a paper diary and a to do list or something electronic i.e. Microsoft Outlook Calendar and task list or a Gmail calendar that works with their mobile telephone.
The consistent keys for the […]