Recognition of Excellence in Occupational Psychology

Good news!

Nancy Doyle received a commendation award in recognition of excellence from the British Psychological Society last night.  The Division of Occupational Psychology committee recognised her tireless efforts in developing a professional, well-evaluated coaching service for adults with dyslexia and other neuro-differences in the workplace.

Over the past three years, Nancy has designed, supervised and managed a nationwide programme of coaching.  She has self-funded a longitudinal evaluation of the impact by surveying clients and their managers, demonstrating a noticeable impact in the workplace. This is the first stage towards building an evidence base for the adult dyslexia field, which is under researched and under evaluated.

Her peers at the Society recognised this as a worthy application of psychological principles and integrity in practice.  Nancy says:

“I am committed to evidence based practice.  As a student, I was taught scientific principles of research and evaluation.  We know, from many years study, that assessing the impact of learning with ‘happy sheets’ at the end of a programme is ineffective and doesn’t tell you whether the learning will be retained or applied.  I use before and after measures, following up with clients and managers over a period of time. This is because I want to know if the coaching I am designing and managing is effective. It’s important to me that this vital service works – our clients are dependent on it for their job security and future career aspirations.

I’m delighted to say that our coaching produces tangible feedback of performance improvements – 30% from managers’ perspectives and 57% from the clients’ perspective after only 4 coaching sessions.  This means that our company style of working with real life work problems and examples, and focusing on the underlying causes of difficulties such as memory, is having a real impact on our clients’ lives.

I would like to thank and appreciate all my coaching associates and business partners (both old and new) – you are blooming marvellous!  I would especially like to thank Debbie Ingham, for nominating me and Dr Nasser Siabi OBE from Microlink, for providing me with a reference.”

Nancy’s evaluation work is currently being continued with her PhD research at the University of Surrey, supervised by Dr Almuth McDowall, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Professor Annette Sterr, Cognitive Neuroscientist.  Nancy also chairs a working group for the British Psychological Society producing guidelines for and establishing standards on working with adults who have dyslexia and other neuro-differences.  The working group is also developing a research agenda to bring clarity and rigor to the field.  You can read more on Nancy’s evaluation research, which was peer reviewed and presented at the British Psychological Society’s 2013 Occupational Psychology Conference, here.