Employable Me – The Power of Positive Assessment

Employable Me – BBC2

We’re hoping that you caught ‘Employable Me‘, a documentary on BBC2 last Wednesday 23rd. Don’t worry if you missed it….

– Episode 2 is on next week (weds, 9pm).

– You can catch up on the iPlayer (here’s the link)

The programme features neurodiverse adults, with hidden talents, who are not working and can’t get past the interview stages for employment.  Nancy Doyle, our MD and Chartered Occupational Psychologist, works with the individuals to help identify their genius within, leading to a jump in confidence and new ideas about where to look for work.

We were very happy to be involved from the start with the production team.  The initial idea came from a curiosity about neurodiversity news stories, such as GCHQ recruiting dyslexic and dyspraxic analysts. The team at Optomen Media wondered if there was any truth to the glass half full approach.  YES!! we said!

We’re delighted to see the project come to fruition and get such a wonderful write up in the press reviews, as well as an outpouring of support on twitter etc.  Is the world starting to warm up to the idea of diversity in human ingenuity?

We certainly hope so and we commend the bravery, honesty and genius of Paul, Brett, Ashley, Tom, Ellie and Louisa, who Nancy had the pleasure of meeting, and the others in the programme. Their stories have opened eyes and improved the reputation of neurodiversity ten fold.

We hope you are encouraged by their tales, and inspired by the power of positive assessment. Focusing on the Genius Within can be the difference that makes the difference.


Positive Traits Venn

Here’s some of the positive traits that can be associated with different neurodiverse conditions.

Whatever your ‘label’, benefits come as part of the package.

Maximise your talents, focus on what you CAN do.

Assessors, advisers, coaches, tutors, occ health, HR and psychologists – remember the POWER of POSITIVE ASSESSMENT!