Reducing workplace stress through addressing dyslexia

I (Nancy) was at the Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference on Tuesday, talking to Occupational Health Providers about managing dyslexia effectively. There is still a large gap in peoples’ knowledge about how dyslexia impacts on work performance.

For example, the lady I was talking to from COPHA, an Association for Occ Health professionals, was dyslexic herself and had no idea that dyslexia was the root of her struggles to manage deadlines and her networking strengths in connecting people. So, for the record:

This list is not exhaustive.  Individual differences and backgrounds will play a large role in which of these strengths and struggles employees experience.

When an employee is not performing adequately in their role, this causes stress for them, their manager and possibly the team. Pointing the employee in the direction of stress counselling may be a diversion from dealing with the real problem.

Dyslexic difficulties at work can be easily managed, with the right support.  Anyone who is not sure if they are dyslexic can get a broad overview by taking our online test and downloading the full report, which is currently free.

Managers, HR, and Occupational Health Professionals could help more employees to live up to their potential with effective signposting.  Dyslexia support can be more cost effective than ongoing counselling!

Additionally, look at all those dyslexic abilities?  Wouldn’t most organisations want to be making the most of their in house problem solvers?  Dyslexic brains are remarkably adept at creating short cuts, coming up with ideas and thinking holistically.  Once we find away to reduce the stress and deal with the difficulties we can create an environment for dyslexics to thrive. just contact us if you need more info, training or ideas for your team.