International Reflections on Disability Inclusion from #GBDN2017 – where are the neurodiverse?

So on Tuesday 20th June I had the pleasure of being invited by Ruh Global to the Global Business Disability Network meeting, with the International Labor Organisation and the United States Council for International Business.  The meeting was attended by a series of inspirational speakers, sharing their wisdom of their own, personal disability inclusion wins and their innovative practices company wide.  Some serious companies were represented – AT&T, Boeing, Cisco, Special Counsel, Adecco, L’Oreal – a wide range of sectors […]

Twittering on about #neurodiversity and #inclusion

I’ve come across this amazing network on twitter called ‘AXSChat’, who promote disability inclusion in the workplace.
Each Tuesday they feature an interviewee and then host a twitter chat at 3pm NYC / 8pm London to debate the issues.
Usually reaches a couple of thousand tweets per week.
It is hosted by the Head of Digital Inclusion for ATOS, Neil Milliken, Antonio Santos Social Media Evangelist for ATOS and Debra Ruh CEO of Ruh Global .

On the 13th June 2017 I am the […]

Time for Nancy Doyle, Genius Within CEO to ‘come out’ as ADHD

What is ADHD? 

We have a lot of neurological images that tell us something is different, in ADHD peoples’ brains1.
We have lots of behavioural checklists that are under and over used, often depending on your socio-economic status, geography and school environment2.
We have an evolutionary psychology critique which argues that humans are designed to produce hunters and these people have a hard time sitting still3.

In short, we have a bio-psycho-social model of a condition that strikes fear into teachers, youth […]

A guide to recruitment for neurodiversity

The Papworth Trust have recently advised that the biggest barriers to employment for people with disabilities are a lack of opportunity (1 job for every 2 unemployed people – Office of National Statistics 2017) and a lack of transport.  Accessibility difficulties in this context refers to difficulty getting to workplaces and moving about a building.

What does accessibility mean for the neurodiverse? Getting to the interview itself can also be a nightmare of diary management, bus timetables, planning and organisation.

See my handy […]

Awareness Training Testimonial

Awareness Training Testimonial from a Housing Support Charity we recently worked with.



‘I just wanted, again, to extend our thanks for providing the awareness session to the team least week; some of the attendees have given feedback which I thought you might like to hear it:


“I found it interesting, I will be asking schools for more support for young people and Dyslexia as the lady mentioned every school should now have a member of staff trained in this.”


“I thought the training […]

“You have a right to take up your own space in this world, and to put into it both your difficulties and your talents”

The title of this blog is a quote from Dr Sylvia Moody and we were sad to learn of her passing this week.

2017 has also taken from the world Jenny Silk, teacher, coach and inspirational woman, whose life’s work embodied Sylvia’s quote.

Though they did not meet, these two women were matched in values, and spoke of the same ideals.  They were fundamental to the development of Genius Within, from a very early stage, they helped nurture a young company, supported our […]

In Pursuit of Silence

Adults in the workplace with neurodifference, stress, anxiety or some chronic conditions can often find their working memory is not quite what it used to be, or even not quite what it needs to be to meet their job demands.

A bit of silence now and then can be a powerful resource for the working memory to take a little down time. In a working world of open plan offices, and reducing boundary walls, little consideration is given to those who […]

How does it feel to win an award?

When I heard that my colleague Julie McCracken and I were nominated for the EFS award for the work that we are doing with the young offenders in Rochester; I was really pleased. I feel honoured that the work we are doing on the CF03 project has been recognised  as good enough for a nomination, and I hope that the nomination means we will continue to grow our client base with more neurodiverse offenders in Rochester and not just 18 […]

European Social Fund Outstanding Project of the Year Award Winner

European Social Fund Outstanding Project of the Year Award Winner


We are working towards a future where all adults with Specific Learning Difficulties / Neuro-diversities will be able to maximise their potential and work to their strengths; where those with problems at work or in custody receive the diagnosis, coaching and support that they need.

Through the work we are delivering in HMP Rochester, we have won the award for ‘European Social Fund Oustanding Project of the Year’. This is […]