Our Team

We are a flexible team of employees and associates all over the USA, who bring with us a rich and diverse background.  We are Psychologists, Training Consultants, Professional Workplace Coaches and experienced Assessors. What we all have in common is:

  • A work-focused, professional background
  • A belief in the strengths based approach

We offer regular CPD and supervision within the company, taking turns to share specific expertise and experience.

We believe that working with adults requires a radically different approach from the class room.  Our coaches, trainers and assessors work in a flexible, performance-based and client led style.  We use facilitated peer mentoring groups to create a legacy of self support for our clients.  We believe that self-generated strategies and independence are the markers of a successful program.

If we don’t have a professional in your area, we can provide video conferencing.  Just get in touch on info@genisuwithin.org